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Learn More about Kidney Disease

We want you to be informed, feel empowered and play an active role in your care. Visit DaVita.com for educational articles, kidney-friendly recipes, discussion forums and more.

For helpful organizations and programs, dowload this VillageHealth resource guide.

                     Resources and Numbers

To find out if you are eligible for VillageHealth, or if you want to reach your VillageHealth nurse, call 1-800-767-0063 (TTY users: 711). We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Patient Stories

"The VillageHealth program is like having an angel...."
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Caregiver for Vickie
"I got my life back thanks to VillageHealth...."
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"When I was in the hospital, my VillageHealth Nurse was my lifeline...."
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"Support from knowledgeable, intelligent nurses that care about me...."
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"Thanks to the personal interest in my health from the VillageHealth team...."
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"I appreciate not having to go to the emergency room for treatment. ..."
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"I am doing better medically because of the education and support of this program...."
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"The nurses are always on top of my condition...."
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