• Our Focus Is You

    Making Health Care Simpler

  • Our Focus Is You

    Making Health Care Simpler

No one knows your health better than you. And, health information can be confusing—especially when it comes from different places. There should be a better way.

Meet VillageHealth®, a care program paid for by Medicare®, Medicaid® and private insurance companies to make your health care simpler. It does not change your insurance or where you get health care. You can still go to any doctor, hospital or other care provider that accepts your insurance.

VillageHealth works closely with your doctors to give you extra support between office visits from expert nurses and care coordinators. You make all your own health decisions.

“It feels good to know someone cares about me, someone who makes me feel like I am not alone.”
—Paul, VillageHealth Patient

How can VillageHealth help you?

Care when you need it

We listen to your health needs and goals, and work to help you meet them. We can help you find doctors, schedule appointments and connect you to local services.

Care designed for you

We can help you understand your labs and medications, and we can talk with your doctor about changes in your health.

Answers to your questions in between visits

We are available to answer questions—such as what your symptoms might mean or how to eat to support your health.

Call to get started today

Call us at 1-800-767-0063 (TTY 711). We are available 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday.