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    VillageHealth works with you to coordinate your kidney care needs and so much more.

Helping Patients Live a Healthier, Higher Quality of Life

Whether you just learned you have kidney disease or you are transitioning to dialysis, we understand it can be overwhelming and complicated. That’s why our integrated care team is here to support you with coordinated care, education, personalized care and so much more. Our goal is to make managing your health easier so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

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VillageHealth - An Advocate for Your Health

For VillageHealth member, Michael, staying positive and being surrounded by those who support you is key in taking care of yourself. Hear how VillageHealth supports him along his kidney journey.

How VillageHealth Works

Our integrated care team helps patients manage all of their health care needs—from education that can help slow down disease progression, to providing timely information to the broader care team to help keep patients healthier. VillageHealth and health insurance companies partner to offer this extra support at no additional cost.

"VillageHealth is a priceless gift that should be available to everyone with kidney disease.”
– Lillie, VillageHealth patient

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