Meet VillageHealth. We are a team of health professionals your doctors trust. We can help you take care of your health and make life a little easier.

Who we are

Because health care has become more complex, VillageHealth was created to help connect the dots and fill in gaps. Each member gets a dedicated care team of:

Care Coordinator

Registered Nurse (RN)

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Engagement Specialist

What we do

We work closely with your doctors to understand your care plan and help you stay on top of it. We take care of the little and not-so-little things, like:

Sharing health updates with your doctors to keep them informed
Helping you get the right care with an annual health evaluation
Addressing your health concerns early to keep you healthier
Answering insurance and medicine questions

We’re like having a friend in health care dedicated to your individual needs.

Let's get started!

I feel healthy most of the time

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I am concerned about some health conditions

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I am concerned about my kidneys

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