• We help people just like you

  • We help people just like you

Your care team can help you reach your health goals, answer questions about the health care system, and everything in between.

Learn more about how we support our patients below.

Focusing on What Matters Most to You

When you have a health condition, it's important to stay on top of all of the moving pieces. We're with you ever step of the way.

Learn how VillageHealth cares for you, from our members and care team.

Helping You When and Where You Need It

You may be juggling what to eat, which local resources to use, how to get to doctors’ appointments and more.
We’re excited to help you manage the details and find a better quality of life—no matter where you are in your journey.

“They sent me colored sheets that told me exactly what I could eat and what I need to watch.”
– Julie, VillageHealth member

Ask any question. We’re in this together.

You’re unique. Your health care experience should be, too. You can trust us to take care of the little details and help answer your questions—from small to big—so you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Check out how VillageHealth helps members just like you.

How “letting go” opened the door to better health

Julie decided to try the VillageHealth program to get support in managing her many health conditions. Today, working with her VillageHealth care team, her conditions are under control and she feels relieved of many time-consuming health care tasks—letting her again focus on the career she loves.

How finding a friend in health care made his health—and life—"all the better"

Peter wasn’t sure if VillageHealth could add value to his health care experience, but upon trying it, he soon found meaningful support for his health conditions. He also found a friend who truly cares about his health as well as what makes him happy. Today, Peter feels good and can continue doing the things he loves.

How a nurse’s care changed a couple’s life

After a shocking start to life on dialysis, Demetrius and his wife Velma felt life would only get worse from there. But when VillageHealth nurse Susan entered their picture, she provided the clinical and emotional support that helped improve Demetrius’ health and the couple’s life as a whole.