Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient/member, you have the right to:

i. Information about VillageHealth, the services provided, their assigned VillageHealth team, the care team qualifications and any contractual relationships.

ii. Decline participation and/or disenroll: subject to contract. A member/patient can request to opt in or opt out by notifying any VillageHealth care team member. Members/patients can also choose to opt in or opt out during an enrollment call.

iii. Have information regarding their assigned care team and from whom to request a change.

iv. Be supported by VillageHealth to make healthcare decisions interactively with their practitioners.

v. Be informed of all disease management-related treatment options included or mentioned in clinical guidelines, even if a treatment is not covered, and to discuss options with treating practitioners.

vi. Have personal identifiable data and medical information kept confidential; know what entities have access to their information; know procedures used by VillageHealth to ensure security, privacy, and confidentiality.

vii. Be treated courteously and respectfully by VillageHealth teammates.

viii. Communicate complaints and receive instructions on how to use the complaint process, including VillageHealth’s standards of timeliness for responding to and resolving issues of quality and complaints.

ix. Receive understandable information

As a patient/member, you have the responsibility to:

i. Follow care advice offered by VillageHealth.

ii. Provide VillageHealth with the information needed to carry out its services.

iii. Notify VillageHealth and the treating practitioner if the member/patient decides to disenroll from the program.